Zika is spreading but how Bad?

Baseding upon FDA recent news, “As brand-new clinical and also epidemiological details pertaining to Zika infection has actually been observed from results of testing, it’s clear that extra preventive steps are required.”


As the Zika infection has actually spread further north to southern U.S.A. in 2015 and all the way to Miami this year, as an important traveling advisory has been put out by the city of Miami.

Back in February, the FDA proceeded with standards for blood testing in Florida as well as Puerto Rico, both locations influenced by the infection. Because of the spread, test are being done for blood donation reserves. This is a precautionary to make sure that the supply of blood that is used for transfusion is not affected.

Due to the Zika infection quickly infecting various other parts of the globe, the Fda has actually altered its suggestions for given away blood. Moving forward, all blood given away in the USA must be evaluated for the Zika infection.

This recommendation will be continued to be in force until the virus has been subsided according to the FDA message.

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