Don’t Miss Dec 30th!

Do not miss December 30, 2016 Amazon sale day.  The company is planning to sell a discount products that have not been moved off the shelf for the past couple of years.  The sale before New Year’s has been success in the past and Amazon continues to make the condition happen.

The whole ordeal begins at three in the morning Eastern time in many of the products will be discounted upwards to 50% off.  This includes movies, games, music, apps and e-books.  There has been some ads on the website depicting some games that will go on sale such as Titan fall two and rocket league.  Other items that will go on sale are under the wraps until the day of.

The so-called prime day of December 30 will go on for 24 hours starting at 3 AM Eastern time.  Supposedly Amazon knows the trends of the holiday sales as they know many of the items bought were cell phones, computers and tablets.  Now these individuals with these items are looking to purchase apps and games and so on.  The timing couldn’t be better before the new year as the consumers are full-fledged into their tablets and phones.

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