10 Years of Trial and Error for Samsung mobile phones

With a public fallacy of being the little brother to Apple, Samsung has battled for over a decade to prove its worth in the mobile phone market. While it’s clear to see they’ve got their finger on the pulse when it comes to televisions, whiteware and other appliances, it’s been trial and error when rolling out mobile phones and smart phones.

Although if there’s one thing Samsung wishes to clear up, it’s that it came first in the smart phone race against Apple, not second.

The first smartphone produced by Samsung was the SPH-I300, released in October, 2001. While it’s a far cry from the smart phones you see today, it paved the way for revolutionary technology and became a starting point to build from. The SPH-I300 was a palm-powered smart phone produced for Sprint, and while it had touch screen capabilities, it wasn’t the user-friendly device from Samsung you know and love today. It would be five years before Apple could produce something with similar technology.

Roll the clock forward five years and Samsung was getting ready to roll out the SGH-I607. Proving capable of learning from its mistakes, it produced a Blackberry-inspired phone which had user-friendly buttons in line with current phone models, and computers as well. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a building block.

Another five years passed and Samsung continued to edge its way closer to a breakthrough. It was still producing smartphones that ticked the majority of boxes, but it was yet to release a model that was capable of matching Apple on the market. That was until the Samsung Galaxy S model was released. While a lawsuit had been filed against Samsung for its similarities to Apple’s smart phone, that didn’t affect the popularity for the SI and SII models. It featured an aesthetically pleasing touch screen, rounded corners and one single button for the home screen.

It was a true success, and the Galaxy Series found its place on the market, ready to tackle Apple head on.

While Galaxy sales soared, Samsung didn’t stop there. Wanting to reach every corner of the market, they continued to develop phones in varying price ranges in order to cater to the masses. They had found a style that suited, and the aim of the game was to now produce something that anyone could own. The result was several similar styled phones with fewer features in order to be produced for less money. Apple still continued to rival Samsung, but they were now on much more even ground than ever before.

In the years that followed on from the success of the first and second Galaxy S phones, Samsung continue to release bigger and better models – all under the Galaxy name.

Samsung lovers can now rejoice in almost a full alphabet of Galaxy series mobile phone options to suit the particularly feature-savvy customers.

This includes:

  • Note
  • Core/Grand
  • Mega
  • S
  • A
  • C
  • E
  • J
  • On
  • Y
  • Z


Are Apple really still winning the race? Or has Samsung surpassed all expectations and reached that checkered flag first? The Apple vs. Samsung race is still ongoing.

Image source: pexel.com

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