Enormous solar project in the Desert of Nevada

A California firm says it will use $1 billion construct the biggest solar farming power plant on earth in the sunbaked Nevada desert located close to Vegas.

The Company’s executives unveiled these plans to build Towers which was dubbed the Sandstorm X Energy.

Business executive Smith mentions the aim will be to generate enough power for around one million houses.

The firm already runs one tower endeavor dubbed “Crescent Dunes” Energy power Plant.

This plant creates 110 mega-watts of full electricity using Mears and it’s the central power for a molten salt plants powering the plant upwards of 1000°F.

The byproduct power is subsequently used to drive electricity turbines.

Solar energy sector to enhance Electricity in East Africa

In other news Akon, the creator of many hit songs of Senegalese dissent, is in the forefront of helping a company supply electricity for upwards to 10 million houses in.


Furthermore the plan is to start more solar power plants in 15 African nations.  They do recognized that there’s a deficiency of qualified labour to be able to perform the work and maintenance to satisfy with international standards.  So what is needed to start the work in these 15, training will be very important in order to jumpstart the projects.

Akon’s association/company provides basic free training for the first year for females and has already been successful.  The students receive basic training and principles on the best way to install accessories, battery and Panels.

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