Augmented Reality is getting Big? What is it?

Augmented reality is getting to know your surrounding real world through the use of virtual and graphically generated images created by a computer. These live digital generated imageries are merged with the elements of the reality.

Quoted by several scientists about Augmented reality, “This is also, known as the AR technology.”  It took many years for become popular but now it is enjoyed by the. Everyone today is talking about this technology.

There are many software apps that have this technology of augmented reality.  Many of them are used by different instruments or hardware. Every hardware piece has their display technology which they use. One can simply find A.R apps on smartphones like iPhones or any android devices.

Other uses for this technology are applications that work with head mounted display which can be attached to a helmet or so. The third option display is known as a spatial display which projects the digital imagery on many different types of surfaces.

Currently many of the applications used are in the industry of real estate, education, navigation, the military, navigation, media, gaming, advertising, medical, information, and much more. AR technology is growing in many of these fields at a rapids pace.

Several agencies provide augmented reality solutions and create personalised augmented reality apps. If needed, many businesse scan use the free augmented reality apps available or a digital agency that can create an AR technology app just for your business.

There are many such companies that deal with this amazing technology.  Let’s look at VirtualMob.  This company creates different apps for different markets which includes the field of marketing, advertising, entertainment and utility. They help in A.R. face tracking engine and A.R. for 3D mobile. They create straightforward and complex AR technology applications.  Their team is composed of experienced developers who work hard to provide you with the best AR solutions. VirtualMob designs augmented reality apps for both iPhone and Android platforms. You can receive the high quality and satisfied results for augmented reality service from VirtualMob.

AR technology is here to stay as all you need to do is check the number one app on the market today which is Pokémon go. Companies like Apple have embraced and will further enhance AR technology in the future.
Augmented reality technology will be seen more over the years and will be integrated and used more often in our day to day life especially with the advent of Pokémon go.

Pokemon GO app is a remake of the previous version of the game which was just titledPokemon GO (version). This game differs from the earlier version due to the fact new areas could be explored too like the variety of Pokemon GO provided. Men and women who like to play role playing games will take pleasure in this game since it too is a role-playing game. Here are some much more details on the match.

The game is set in a fictional location called Kanto. Kanto is a region where more areas are contained and also connected to it. It is attached to an area referred to as Johto and inside Kanto, the two sectors Saffron City and Pokemon Stadium are located.

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