What you didn’t know about Keurig Coffee Machines

If you can’t start your day without the sweet aroma of coffee luring you to the kitchen, you’ll want to know how your beloved Keurig coffee machine came to be. After all, Keurig coffee can give you that much-needed boost in the morning, so being knowledgeable on what it can offer as an overall brand can help you make an informed decision on your coffee machine and pod purchases now and into the future.

Keurig, the single-serve brewer and coffee pod manufacturer, was founded in 1992, in Massachusetts. By 1998, it had established itself firmly in the office market, launching its first brewers and K-Cup pods much to the delight of the bleary-eyed office worker with not enough sleep, and too much work.

Before long, homeowners wanted what offices had, and Keurig began to develop home-use brewers which were released onto the market in 2004 just when another power company started getting bigger such as Samsung. Just two years later, Green Coffee Roasters absorbed Keurig, changing the name to Keurig Green Mountain in 2014. However, that didn’t spell the end of Keurig, with it becoming the new manufacturer’s leading brand. After all, names sell, and boy did Keurig sell.

After some years, Keurig and Green Mountain became known as the high-end supllier which proved exceptionally profitable. By 2010, sales had topped $1.2 billion, and in 2014, coffee pods for Keurig machines alone brought in profits of $3.6 billion.

While it was clear to see that Keurig and the likes of  Green Mountain were onto a winner with their amalgamation and subsequent blending of resources, they didn’t stop there. It wasn’t enough to just sell brewers and pods to offices and homeowners; they wanted more. And, they got it.

By 2011, the signature was on the dotted line, and Green Mountain had begun working with Dunkin’ Donuts to serve single-serve KCup versions of pods. Some Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants also started offering the single versions instore. It was a winning recipe, and other restaurants and franchises were wanting a taste of the action. Starbucks followed suit, signing a similar contract that saw coffee plus tea in single pods being sold at Starbucks, with Keurigs being displayed for sale in stores as well.

In just two decades, Keurig/ Green Mountain had tapped into the office market, the homeowner’s market, and finally, the franchise market. It has been named the Single Serve Coffee Maker Brand of the Year for four consecutive years (2012-2015), the best all-around single-serve coffee maker in 2013, and was even named one of the 50 best US Manufacturers in 2014. That’s just to name a few.

Keurig is now known for its hot and cold coffee, tea, cocoa, dairy-based beverages, cider, fruit drinks, and lemonades. It also offers over 400 products, 60 brands of coffee, and pods other than KCup pods such as Vue, Rivo, K-Carafe and K-Mug pods.

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